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Chair Revival

is about unique handcrafted feature furniture, bespoke design and reviving the humble chair. I love investing passion and care into each piece of furniture!

Slipper Chair

I’m Ellen - the designer and upholsterer who loves providing people with original furniture. I love to design with delicacy but I also love to whack stuff with a hammer. You can find my shop here.

I am a Melbourne girl who loves originality, loves people, and loves providing people with original furniture. I live a privileged life between a sewing machine, a hammer and an imagination, probably because I did not share my childhood with a tv but with a red toybox full of lego, ribbons, and my imaginary friend Baboose.

Slipper Chair

Storage Ottoman



Chair Revival began in 2010 out of an all-consuming passion for upholstery, and as an indignant response to the question, 'Why is there so much boring furniture out there?'.

Our unique selves are often lost in the banality of our homes which are usually tributes to the large, en-masse furniture manufacturers. Rather, our homes should reflect the uniqueness of who we are and the life we want to share in with others. When choosing an accent chair, ottoman or footstool that you really love, you will not only have a functional piece of furniture that brings you comfort, but a unique piece of artwork that brings you joy.

My design philosophy is simple; beauty and design-idealism is to be balanced with quality of product and respect for our environment. I recycle furniture frames and other materials where durability is not at risk of compromise, but fabric is always brand-spanking new.

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Bespoke design

Get involved in the design process yourself and together we can create unique feature furniture that is a perfect fit just for you. Ottomans. Chairs. Cushions. I love providing homes with pieces that are well thought out in design and function. I love sourcing fabrics from across the globe that fit your colour, texture and style specifications. Contact me here to begin the design process.


I do custom reupholstery on small to medium furniture pieces, which will give your cherished furniture a new lease on life. This involves a full rebuild (webbing, springing, padding) & recover in your choice of fabric. It’s quick and easy to get a quote.

Or while you're here check out my shop.

Storage Ottoman